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This article will give you a collection of Barstarzz on YouTube. You will find a lot of different calisthenics videos online, but it can be hard to find what you are looking for.

I have divided some Barstarzz Workout Videos that are present right now in a few different categories. If you don’t know what Barstarzz is, it is one of the biggest and (in my opinion) best calisthenics communities in the world.

Barstarzz Beginner Workouts

People are at different levels when they start out, so I have included a few different videos. Some may find exercises like pullups and pushups hard, but don’t worry – there are always ways to make an exercise easier.

There are resources and programs available that will give you progressions all the way from zero to hero. A couple of good one’s are Get Strong by Al & Danny Kavadlo and Convict Conditioning by Coach Paul Wade.

A basic routine from the calisthenics legend Hannibal for King


Check out this great outdoor group session! It will give you ideas on where to start with your training.


Another great group training video. This video will show you that calisthenics and strength training with your bodyweight are possible, even if you think it is not.



This video are especially made for ladies that would like to increase strength, but here are great advice for ANY beginner in calisthenics.




Barstarzz Workouts – When you need more resistance

Progressive Calisthenics is all about making the movements harder as you get stronger. If your goal is increased strength and building muscle you need progression and harder exercises.

Check out these two killer Workouts



Here is the next level of the basic routine from Hannibal for king. This steps up the upper-body workout to the next level.



And here he makes it even harder.



To add things up, here are a video containing 44 different calisthenics exercises from Barstarzz. It is a great resource which will give you some workout ideas.




Calisthenics Skills

Performing crazy moves on the pullup bar looks way cooler than benching 300 pounds in my opinion. Learning some skills will increase your strength, power and total body control.

One of the Coolest looking exercises in Calisthenics is the Muscle-Up. It will also give you a great upper body workout. Here is a video that will give you step by step progressions to master the movement.



Learn how to do impossible dips! This short YouTube video give you some progression steps that will lead you to master impossible dips.


Learn how to planche in this awesome video



Get started with the most complete calisthenics program

The Barstarzz BTX 3.0 is one of the best (if not THE best) calisthenics program available online today. This 12 week program will give you structured and complete instructions to transform your body, strength and skills.

If you are serious about making a change, check out the program Here >>




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