Caliathletics Review – New Bodyweight Workout Program

I have to say that I am impressed by Darek, the young athlete behind Caliathletics. After watching his videos I am amazed by the knowledge and calisthenics skills he has achieved. His one year transformation is almost unbelievable. Here is one of his public videos.


Calisthenics is best described as a workout mostly using your own bodyweight. By training, not only will you develop an amazing physique but you will also gain unbelievable body control by learning a range of advanced movements.

To begin the only things you need are motivation and a structured program. Keep in mind that nothing comes easy, but if you are looking for a passion that can dramatically change your life – Calisthenics is the way to go.

What is the Caliathletics Workout Program

The Caliathletics program is an online training program that will teach you calisthenics skills, help you gain muscle mass and increase your strength. You will get lifetime access to the workout program if this is something for you.

You will get all the workout routines on video as well as skills guides. The program contains more than 80 videos containing more than 70 different routines. Beginners and intermediate athletes will benefit from this program as there are 20 different progression levels. This means that you start on easy movements and can progress to more advanced calisthenics exercises and skills.

Every training day is recorded separately presenting the perfect form of each exercise and number of sets and reps. Skills guides are high-quality, detailed videos explaining how to achieve each of these skills. Videos cover progressions, tips and tricks on how to learn them quickly.

If you are looking for a program that will help you with full body transformation, a nutrition guide is also included. The nutrition guide will show you a new way of eating. Diet plans can be ineffective as many people encounter obstacles when trying to stick to them. Each of us has different tastes and no one likes eating the same meals everyday.

This is a new, comprehensive guide which will teach you how to eat and what is important for achieving various fitness goals. How to eat to build muscle mass or how to eat to lose fat and get that shredded abs – everything is covered. The nutrition guide shows you how to find your recommended caloric intake and what macro nutrients you need. No diet plans anymore, only a few principles on nutrition that will get you the body shape you always wanted.

What Do You Get?

There are three different options available.

The Lifetime program – which will give you access to the complete calisthenics workout program.

Full Body Transformation – this also include a nutrition guide, a caloric needs calculator, an example nutrition plan and the possibility of consultations with Darek.

The stretching and mobility program – which will give you different stretching and mobility routines and guides.

The Calisthenics workout program that you will get in the Lifetime Program and The Full Body Transformation include;

Beginner Program – 8 levels

contains 8 levels which will lead you from the total beginner to an intermediate with basic calisthenics skills achieved. The eight level system will let you progress individually in the time you actually need at the same time preventing you from injuries. Once you feel confident on the current level you can try to advanced to the next one. Are you ready to start your journey?

Intermediate Program – 8 levels

You are now strong enough to discover the beauty of calisthenics. In this program you’ll move to new superb exercises and calisthenics skills. The levels will be more and more challenging, do not even think of quitting now! Are you ready for this?

Advanced Program – 4 levels

This is where you start when you are finished with all Intermediate levels! This program is only for the calisthenics elite! You have to work hard to join this club.
On top of the 20 workout levels, you will also get static skills lessons and dynamic skills lessons.


The Caliathletics Programs in a Glimpse


The Lifetime Program Access – price 69$

  1. Lifetime access to programs
  2. Beginner including 8 levels
  3. Intermediate including 8 levels
  4. Advanced including 4 levels
  5. Static skills guides
  6. Dynamic skills guides
  7. Videos of each workout day


The Full Body Transformation – price 89$

  1. Lifetime access to programs
  2. Beginner including 8 levels
  3. Intermediate including 8 levels
  4. Advanced including 4 levels
  5. Static skills guides
  6. Dynamic skills guides
  7. Videos of each workout day
  8. Nutrition guide (worth $39)
  9. Caloric needs calculator
  10. Example nutrition plans
  11. Possibility of consultations with Darek


The Stretching and Mobility Program – price 59$

  1. Lifetime access
  2. Mobility tests
  3. Morning mobility routine
  4. Basic mobility routines
  5. Full body stretch routines
  6. Each stretch explained on video
  7. Over 60 videos with explanation
  8. Stretching charts


Who do you take advice from?

I’ve learned to take my advice from people that have done it or are doing it! In training and nutrition there is a lot of opinions out there, but who really knows the truth? The educated training professor that looks like he has never worked out in his life, or a guy that looks like he knows what he is talking about. Personally I prefer to trust people that have done it or are doing it.

If you would like to learn how to fly, you better talk to a pilot! When i first saw young Derek on YouTube videos, I came to the conclusion that this guy can learn me something. He has without a doubt amazing calisthenics skills, strength and agility. On top of that he is a highly skilled personal trainer and coach.



If you would like a workout program where you don’t need more equipment than a pullup bar and/or gymnastic rings, I think Caliathletics is a great option. You will learn how to gain muscles and increase strength with nothing more than your own bodyweight. You will also learn real calisthenics skills. For me, busting out some ridiculous moves on the pullup bars look way cooler than benching 300 pounds.


Lifetime access to a program that contains this much content for 69$ sure beats the price of a gym membership or a personal trainer. Compared with similar online workout programs this is also a good deal. Caliathletics is a new workout program, but I have not seen any bad reviews on it.

Learn more about the Caliathletics Workout Program Here.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,






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4 thoughts on “Caliathletics Review – New Bodyweight Workout Program”

  1. Hi, thanks for a great article. I had never heard of this before and found your site. It’s really interesting and looks as though it could be a good way to tone up. Would you say that there is an age/weight limit on doing this? A lot of the time these types of programs are aimed at the young and already fit.

    1. Thank you for the comment Darrin!  This is a program that anyone can use, regardless of age and/or weight. The beginner level is designed for people in any shape, form or age. 


  2. Hi, do you think i could incorporate cardio into the routine for example at the end of the workout or on rest day include rowing

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