Get Strong By Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo – Program Review

If you are looking for a Calisthenics book with a detailed and definitive program to build muscle and strength, then look no further, Get Strong by Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo will give you what you want.

One of the most frequently asked questions in bodyweight strength training is how to put together a definitive program to build muscle and strength. You will find many calisthenics books that feature step-by-step progressions and numerous workout templates. Get strong by Kavadlo is one of the few that contain a detailed 16-week training program, including specific exercise sequences, exact sets and reps, specified time frames, warm-ups and rest days.

The Get Strong book includes the techniques, exercises and programs necessary to build a lifetime of strength. To anyone who’s ever asked where the best place to get started is, this is for you.

The Kavadlo’s know exactly how to give you a challenging and effective workout without wasting time. There will always be different opinions and theories out there, some more complicated than others. Complicated doesn’t always mean better.

This program will give you an efficient, direct path to build muscle and strength with calisthenics exercises only.

Progressive Overload – The Principle of Strength

All types of strength training operate under the principle of progressive overload. The only way to get stronger is to learn a movement pattern under a relatively low amount of resistance, then gradually increase the load and/ or the quantity of repetitions as the body adapts.

In weight training, this is done by using a light weight in order to learn proper technique before progressing to heavier lifts. When you are doing bodyweight training, progress must be approached a bit differently. Since you cannot alter your body’s mass as easily as adding or removing plates from a barbell, we instead utilize the principles of progressive calisthenics.

There are different ways to progress and make a calisthenics exercise harder. One way is to change the weight to limb ratio, which can be achieved by placing more of our weight in our hands or feet. Another way to progress your training is to remove contact points entirely. And finally, you can alter the range of motion.

In the get strong book, you will get a complete blueprint containing exercises that will progress as you follow the program. It will get harder, and you will get stronger as the weeks go by.


The Four Phases – Your Path to Build Muscle and Strength

The Get Strong program is divided into four phases. Each phase is four weeks long and includes a weekly training routine that will show you which exercises are to be performed and how many repetitions are required before moving ahead. The program also includes a general warm-up and recommended recovery between sessions.

If you follow the program, you will increase your repetitions and experience increases in strength week after week. The first two phases contains total body workouts that you repeat three times a week. During phase 3 and 4 you step it up a notch to four training’s a week. You will now be doing a split-routine where two days are focused on your upper body and two days on your lower body.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect (quoted from the book);

PHASE 1—THE FOUNDATION consists of laying down the bedrock to prepare you for what’s ahead. This phase is aimed at the beginner, and is not necessarily a requirement for everybody. If you’re new to calisthenics or are returning to fitness after a hiatus, then this is where you start.

PHASE 2—BRICK AND MORTAR builds upon that foundation by bringing in many of the classic exercises that put calisthenics on the map. These are the basic components you need in order to construct your framework. Start here if you already have a solid foundation.

PHASE 3—CONCRETE AND IRON takes you into the realm of beastly strength. With the furnishings detailed in this section, your structure will be reinforced to weather the toughest of elements. Complete this phase and you will have more strength than most will ever achieve in this lifetime.

PHASE 4—FORGED FROM STEEL is comprised of tools and tactics for the advanced architect of the human body. These workouts are not for the faint of heart. Complete this phase and you will be amongst the elite in pound-for-pound strength.

Stay Strong For Life

The Get Strong program is stripped down to give you an efficient way to build muscle and strength with as little equipment as possible. The only equipment you need are a pullup bar, gymnastic rings or something to hang from. However, the book also include several supplemental exercises and workouts that are not part of the Get Strong program. The exercises and workouts are a fantastic addition as you go beyond and above!

Most of the questions regarding the program and the progressions are answered in the «Ask Al» section. Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo are experienced personal trainers and have trained thousands, ranging from 80-year old grandmothers to Olympic medalists. They have a wealth of knowledge and will give you sound answers to the most common answers.

Another great bonus you will get are some of the best articles that the Kavadlo brothers has written. With more than 25 years of combined experience in the fitness industry, they know a thing or two about how to become the best version about yourself.

What you will NOT get in The Get Strong Book

As stated earlier, this program will give you a direct and simple (but not necessarily easy) blueprint to building strength and muscle. There are other great calisthenics exercises that are not included, because they require more advanced skills and some equipment. The Get Strong Program are designed for people that want bodyweight strength routines they can do anywhere with as little equipment as possible.

If you are looking for calisthenics skills, this probably is not the book for you. Progressive bodyweight exercises that are focused on strength is what you will get. If you are more interested in learning ridiculous moves on the pullup bar, check out my Caliathletics Review HERE >>

You will learn some advanced exercises like the muscle-up and pistol squats in the supplemental routines, but again, they are more focused on building strength and muscle.


Personal Experiences

When the Get Strong book got released, I just had to check it out. I think everything from Al & Danny Kavadlo is worth reading, they have a lot of knowledge and present it in an entertaining way. I still use the program and the additional exercises in my workouts because the basic movements never gets old!

It helped me to find some weak spots that I wasn’t aware of, especially the bridge exercises. You will get a complete and stripped down training, and it works! I recommend this to everyone that are looking for a blueprint that will take you from «Zero to Hero» as efficient as possible with calisthenics only.

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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