The best pull up bars for the home gym

I hope this review will help you in your search for the best pull up bars for the home. There are a lot of different options, and what is best for me may not be the right choice for you. We are all looking for different benefits in a pull up bar we are going to use in our home. This post will show you some of the different options out there with pros and cons.

We all definitely agree on one thing, a good pull up bar is a great piece of equipment to have in your home. No one can deny it—pullups are cool. In fact, the pullup is one of the oldest muscle-building exercise in existence. Let’s look at some of the different solutions.

Doorway Pull Up Bars

There is a lot of different bars you can mount in your doorway, some of them don’t need mounting at all. The benefits of a doorway pull up bar is obvious, they are easy to mount and remove after a workout. If you have watched some of the fail compilations on youtube, the downside is obvious as well. You may experience a «crash landing» in your workout.

Depending on the size of your doorway your range of motion may be limited, and in most cases exercises like the muscle-up are impossible on bars like this. If it is the only option in your home you’re still able to get a good workout. Just remember to go slow and steady.

Here are an example of two different solutions in doorway pull up bars. Both of them have good reviews on Amazon.

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

If you have solid walls available in your home, this can be your best option. You can find pretty solid and sturdy wall mounted pull up bars out there. Remember that the load on your walls may be higher than you think, and it will leave marks when removed.

You can move more freely than on a doorway bar and train explosive calisthenics. If there is enough space to your ceiling you can do exercises like the straight bar dip and parallel bar dip as well. Great choice if it suits your home.

Here is an example of a quality wall mounted pull up bar.


Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bars

A lot of the same benefits that you get from wall mounted bars. They are usually sturdy and can handle the speed and momentum from exercises like the kipping pull up in most cases. Take your time to get the bolts in the center of the beam on your ceiling, and you will get a pretty solid pullup bar.

On the con side, you will usually not get enough space to do dip exercises on a ceiling mounted pull up bar.


Power Towers

You will find power towers in all price ranges, and usually you get what you pay for. With a power tower you can do exercises like the pull up, parallel bar dip, leg raises and knee raises. Some of them got bars for the push up as well. If you go for a quality power tower, you will get a sturdy and solid peace of equipment. It is usually not needed, but possible to bolt it to the floor as well.

Personally I like better a simpler solution than a power tower. The grips and handles are in a fixed position, and you can’t move as freely as you can on a bar where you have some space around you. It is heavy and will steal some space in your home. If you got the space for it and are looking for workout equipment that will last a lifetime, this still may be your choice.

You get what you pay for. A cheaper version may be good enough, but that depends on what you are looking for. As you can see on Amazon the reviews reflect the difference in quality.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars

This is a simpler solution than a power tower. It is lighter and will not need as much space, some are actually portable. You will get more «space» to perform pull ups, and a simple and straight bar. In many cases you can do straight bar dips and parallel bar dips as well. What about leg and knee raises? No problem, you just do them free hanging. This will give you a stronger core and back as a bonus.

On the negative side, some of the free standing bars are a bit wobbly. This depends on you choice of course. Do you want a light and portable one or a heavier and more sturdy solution.

Below you will se an example of a portable and a more robust solution.

Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight & Pull Up Rack


Bodyweight Master Free- Standing Pull-Up Bar

Bodyweight Master Free Standing Pull Up Bar
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Gymnastic Rings

I have to include gymnastic rings to the review of pull up bars, even if it’s not actually a pullup bar. It is a simple, but very effective tool to gain strength and muscle. When you do a pull up with rings your hands will naturally be in a position that are right for you. You can do a overhand grip, underhand grip or a neutral grip. They will still «twist» a little bit when you move, leaving your hands in the right position for your body.

With adjustable straps you can hang them from anything and bring them along anywhere. The exercises you can do with gymnastic rings are endless; Pull up, dip, front lever, back lever, muscle-up, unstable push up, flies, crossover and the list goes on with every variation you can think of.

An added benefit of working out with rings is that it will work your core and your support muscles in a higher degree than a bar. I don’t have much to say about the cons of gymnastic rings because you will get a lot of value for a low price. The only thing I can think of is that you may not have a suited place to hang them from in your home. They can still be brought along anywhere, anytime.


I hope this review helps you in your search for the best pull up bars for your home. A good pull up bar will certainly help you to gain muscle and increase your upper body strength.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




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4 thoughts on “The best pull up bars for the home gym”

  1. Hi Stefan,

    Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your post on the best pull up bars for a home gym. Over the last couple years I have switched to more calisthenics instead of weight training and as you know, pull-ups are essential in calisthenics. I’ve really been getting into gymnastics rings and man are then challenging! I noticed that I was getting tendinitis in my forearm from pull-up bars but once I changed to the rings, the pain went away. Have you experienced this?

    1. Hi Houston, and thank you for the feedback. I haven’t had any pain yet, but the rings sure feel better than a static bar or static grips. The rings are more challenging and can have a good effect in the recovery process after injuries.

      Have a great day!

  2. I have a doorway pull up bar and i can say you definitely get what you’re paying for. Yes, is the cheapest option but the limited range of motion impressed due to the low die height in my home forced me to do pull ups in a unnatural position. I’m so going for the power tower! Even though it’s more expensive, but the range of activities that can become done makes it a far better pull up equipment than the doorway type.

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